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Look back in wonder - Josh 309

It's everywhere you look - there's dodgy numbers, vague impressions and tweets galore - yes, it's the warmist year evah! 

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Boxed in - Josh 307


Portents in Paris - Josh 306

A dark cartoon for the the start of the year following the shocking events in Paris and stories on BH about the blocking of ideas and closed minds.

I wonder what will happen when the Green Blob meets in Paris later in the year?

Cartoons by Josh


Happy Christmas!

Wishing all the BishopHill readers a great holiday and a well deserved rest.

Posted by Josh


Unprecedented boing - Josh 305


Talking of Climate Models, there is another great Climate Audit post titled "Unprecedented" Model Discrepancy where Richard Betts, once again, provides cartoon inspiration in the comments.

It’s a bit like watching a ball bouncing down a rocky hillside. You can predict some aspects of it behaviour but not others. You can predict it will generally go downhill, and if you see a big rock in it’s path you can be reasonably confident that it will hit it and bounce off, but you can’t predict the size and direction of all the little bounces in between.

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Climate elevations - Josh 304


There's an excellent post over at Climate Audit on Sheep Mountain, mentioned here too.

Regular readers will recognise the familiar outline of the landscape (in the IPCC's First Assessment Report) and there's a great 2009 post to fill in the details at WUWT

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H/t Messenger for the helpful comma


Greens in sight - Josh 303


Kevin Anderson, Prof of Energy & Climate Change in Manchester and recently Director of the Tyndall Centre, can be seen being questioned by The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in the video posted below. Fun to watch.

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Finger puppets - Josh 302

As was noted here in the comments, by our host, maybe we should be

referring to Roger Harrabin as "Green blob spokesman Harrabin"

I think we can include Bob Ward too.

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Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2015

There's been no pause in Climate Science entertainment this year so remind yourself all through 2015 with a 'Cartoons by Josh Calendar'. It is the best blogging present you can buy anyone this Christmas and at £14.50 a copy it's a bargain!

You can pre-order here and the Calendar will be available, I hope, in the next couple of weeks.

Cartoons by Josh


Irreversible - Josh 301

Click image for a larger version

Following the IPCC Synthesis Report we have had many catastrophists describing the impacts of climate change as 'Irreversible' and using the phrase 'Immorality of inaction' - I can certainly think of some irreversible impacts that require more immediate action.

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Made up science - Josh 300

Cartoons by Josh


All together now - Josh 299

Another day and another metaphor, this time from Roger Harrabin on BBC Radio 4 about climate debaters now 'all singing from the same hymnbook' - see yesterday's post below.

It sounded like Roger thought sceptics were now changing their tune but clearly, with lower sensitivity, The Pause and no hope of any global policy harmony on the horizon, the strains that are coming from the alarmist camp now have much more of a sceptic air.

Cartoons by Josh

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Snail's pace - Josh 298

As Richard Betts notes here "I see the '2 degree limit' as rather like a speed limit on a road". And which is also quite an apt metaphor for the pause in global temperatures - slower than a not very extinct snail.

Click image for larger version

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Global swarming - Josh 297

Since the polar bear has been become something of a sceptic mascot, there's been a search for another cuddly animal to carry the Catastrophic Anthropogenic torch: cue the walrus. Sadly for alarmists it has not quite worked out.

Cartoons by Josh


The Pause changes everything - Josh 296

One of the phrases alarmists like to use is to "just look out of the window" to see Global Warming aka 'Climate Change' happening right now. Presumably when they have looked out of the window these past 18 years they have seen the pause in temperatures - which should 'change everything' but I am guessing this might just be a pipe dream. Oh well, here's hoping.

Cartoons by Josh

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