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In October 2007, while looking for something interesting to read, I came across a blog posting about a leaked BBC email. While it was interesting, it appeared relatively insignificant. There was no hint that this was to be the beginning of an investigation that would span more than four years and to lead to one of the greatest scandals in the history of the BBC.

This long article tells the story of how two determined bloggers unearthed a plot by environmentalists and BBC journalists to subvert the corporation's output, excluding global warming sceptics from the airwaves.

Previously published under the title "Conspiracy in Green" this new edition updates the story to the end of 2012, describing how the details of the BBC's mysterious seminar were finally uncovered.

It is priced at £0.99 (approximately $1.60) and comes in five different versions: a Kindle-compatible AZW file, Epub, a portrait PDF version (for printing), a landscape PDF version (for onscreen reading) and bound hard copies. It is free to subscribers here.





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