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Discussion > James Lovelock :“outrageous hypocrites” of the green movement //

Times : James Lovelock interview
Note how few of the words are Lovelock's, most are the interviewers framing, see **

\\ Lovelock’s chosen solution to climate change — nuclear power.
“If we switch over globally to nuclear, we will have a good few years to make our minds up about other things to do,” he says, speaking to me after one of the longest heatwaves in recorded British history. But, he adds, “there have been so many lies told” about nuclear — and it is now so unpopular among the “outrageous hypocrites” of the green movement — that it may not be possible.//

\\ ** Across much of the northern hemisphere, this summer has been one of the hottest in living memory. In Japan it was so bad that the heatwave was declared a natural disaster. In Britain six weeks of 30C temperatures evoked memories of 1976. In California wildfires raged.
Individually, none of this is unprecedented — countries have experienced similar conditions in the past. But not all at the same time. **
For the past 30 years Lovelock has been on the prophet-of-doom end of the climate debate. Now, as he approaches 100, it seems that some of those prophecies are coming true.

It is in how we try to avert them that he loses patience with other environmentalists. “There are two things I’ve got against the greens,” he says. “One is that they’re the most outrageous hypocrites I’ve yet come across. The second is the propositions they put across are impractical and damaging.”

He says that much of the support for renewable energy comes because “it makes them feel good and look good. They’re being ‘natural’. But they don’t know anything about the Earth. There is no alternative to burning nuclear energy.//

\\ “I think there’s a good bit of corruption by the other energy industries who see nuclear’s arrival and will swat it by any means and make out it’s impossibly expensive. //

\\The fact that he counts himself better friends with Nigel Lawson, the founder of the climate-sceptic think tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, than with many of his fellow climate-change believers (“the prominent greens are too religious,” he says) in many ways fits the pattern of his life.//

\\".. It could be quite dire in the next few years.”
He says he will not go farther than that. His experience with climate predictions is that certainty is rarely sensible.
... “Or we could just revert next year to a mild sort of summer.” //

Aug 14, 2018 at 4:13 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

@ST adds

"In Britain six weeks of 30C temperatures evoked memories of 1976."
Gosh, dementia must really be setting in, I don't remember that do you?
Weeks with no rain in my part of Britain, yes; weeks with temperatures above 23-25C, yes, but 30C ?
Only a small part of the time. (Perhaps the writer was part of the climate elite who believe London =UK]

And I seem to recall people from other parts of the UK saying they were not experiencing a heatwave - was that a delusion?

And you would believe that the whole of California is a burnt crisp.

As I said most of the article is dramatic framing from the interviewer rather than JL's actual words.
.. BBC do the same thing.

Aug 14, 2018 at 8:34 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen