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Discussion > Radio + TV Highlights Sat/Sun Nov 12th/13th

On Today's TV/Radio

7pm Channel 4 : stories of Chinese schoolchildren, mothers and journalists investigating the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE

This a.m. FooC had "post-trump shivers in Ireland, with Vincent Woods", Mexicans scoffing at Trump, Scoffing at Brexit "I like it that as Born Indian I can now travel without visas in EU"
18:15 R4 Look out for excessive virtue signalling on Loose Ends :
Sir Cliff Richard, Jane Horrocks, Harry Redknapp, Susan Calman
19:00 Radio4 Profile : Gina "Brexit Crybaby" Miller
20:00 Radio4 History of No Platforming

The NUS policy of 'No Platform', which blocks members of six proscribed organisations speaking on university campuses, has been the subject of a huge amount of debate recently. Similarly, the related issue of establishing so-called 'safe spaces' within universities, which results in speakers being blocked because their opinions might offend
Hussey will hear how no platforming, made official NUS policy in 1974, took its inspiration from the disruptive methods of anti-fascist campaigners in the 1930s.
with help from contributors including David Aaronovitch, Kaite Welsh and Richard Brooks from the NUS)
.. and examine what for him is one of the most troubling aspects of this whole debate - the use of 'safe spaces' as an excuse to barrack and intimidate speakers through the employment of the 'heckler's veto'.
10pm R5 Nolan ..later on he has the LeftMob Bishop raving on ....Hope Charlie Wolf is on

Nov 12, 2016 at 6:19 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

Remembrance Sunday
5:45am R4 Gina Miller ..again
8am Religion progs president of the Republican Muslim Coalition and Christians about Trump
8:50 R4 A Point of View : Roger Scruton (a non-Lefty) assesses some of the reasons behind Donald Trump's victory.
9:00 cancelled : Broadcasting House with it's free platform for LeftMob
10-12 KT Hopkins on LBC
16:30 R4 Andrew Motion CLIMATE CHANGE poem.
17:40pm R4 Gina Miller ..again
22:00 R5 Bataclan Anniversary with Nolan

9am BBC1 Marine Le Pen will flatten that bigot Andrew Marr +Jeremy Corbyn MP,
Paper Reviewers : General Dannatt, CNN's Christiane Amanpour and Richard Tice (Leave Means Leave)

10:00 cancelled :Sunday Debate with it's free platform for LeftMob
10:00 ONLY Peston :SuzanneEvans, Syewart Lee, Ed Miliband, RBS Chairman
He will say things to please LeftMob "civil servants say Brexit alomost impossible ..will take 10 years" Will he bring Sister Sledge back on to discuss Trump ?

Nov 12, 2016 at 6:22 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen