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Discussion > Mark Lynas, AGW Posterchild - Two Years Later on the "Hockey Stick Illusion" Front?

In about two months, it will have been two years since the Royal Society's poster-child - the prize winning author of "Six Degrees," Mark Lynas - apparently became interested in reading "The Hockey Stick Illusion" because of IPCC/WG3/Greenpeace collusion.


This was discussed in June of 2011 and here is the last thread about it here, and here is another. But Barry Woods did the heavy lifting at (SEE first link).

According to the first link and discussion, Lynas offered to read it IF he did not have to pay for it. Jonathan Jones not only generously volunteered but also delivered it to him. (Jones, of course, is a physicist at the University of Oxford and Lynas was then a visiting scholar at OUCE - the Oxford University Center on the Environment.)

Has anyone got an update? (By all means, such a fundamental re-think may take a lot of time. But Lynas has already changed his mind about GMOs, and the ongoing climb-down from AGW-alarmism that, over the past year, has gone from a trickle to something of a stream could well make this summer propitious for an update - and possibly a re-think by Lynas.

Apr 16, 2013 at 10:43 PM | Unregistered CommenterOrson