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Discussion > BBC Green Brainwashing Again ? in 2 BBC radio progs

(This a repost cos I think it's an important issue, but when I posted in Unthreaded it just got buried.)
1 - WE CLIMATE SCIENTISTS GET DEATH THREATS ! meme went unchallenged
"I'm a climate scientist", "a number of my colleagues have received unpleasant emails ..death threats & so on." 25.39 mins Chris Rapley speaking on BBC Radio : Material World 28/3/2013
REALLY ? .. Claims like this need to be substantiated before they are broadcast : A death threat will undoubtidly been reported to the police so can Chris Rapley show evidence of this and the prosecutions ??
- I will ask the BBC to substantiate or withdraw ..Given that the widely reported death threats at ANU turned out NOT TO EXIST (The Australian, 3 May 2012 .. also Delingpole opinion )

- Chris Rapley also said
"I see it in the reaction to the narrative of climate science" yes he a true believer really did call his own cause a "narrative"
- I see @Alex Cull @ Philip Bratby also commented on that prog
and the Bish has picked up Rapley as an Activist

2 - Future of Agriculture in Africa (Click Podcast ) sounded like true green brainwash edition .. WHAT DO YOU think ?
- the message sounded Mari Antoinette style : "Let them eat ORGANIC !" (while we outside Africa have our cheap bread, rice etc.)
- Florence Lubwama Kiyimba of NARL-NARO
was able to imply that the rainy season was ALWAYS predictable in the past ,but isn't now due to "climate change" ..whereas we older people know that climate isn't consistent and in long periods strange things do occur like Australia's 7 year droughts.
- 7 minutes in, she said "farmers have relied on the rain, but with the current change ahem we have also been hit just like the other continents.. as such it is no longer a given that we will produce in the rainy season" .."so duriing the 2 rainy seasons we encourage farmers to collect and store water" (hang on wouldn't it be good if they did that anyway Climate Change

- background

Some things are easy to say and have huge impact BUT without substantiation are meaningless so can Chris Rapley show evidence for his claim "a number of my colleagues have received unpleasant emails ..death threats etc."
- A death threat will undoubtedly been reported to the police so PLEASE show evidence of this and the prosecutions. or WITHDRAW
I say that in the light that all previous claims have turned out to be hollow and I am not aware of any prosecutions for this.
- Given that the widely reported death threats at ANU turned out NOT TO EXIST (The Australian, 3 May 2012
- Delingpole opinion

Apr 3, 2013 at 8:51 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

Martin A commented

A year or so ago, there was a report in the Telegraph that said that Phil Jones had received more "death threats" after the FOI commissioner delivered his decision on UEA FOI.

Another FOI request was made and the UEA response said:

Specifically, we do not hold any recorded information that identifies the two death threats “...that arrived after the information commissioner delivered his "verdict"” We certainly received abusive email directed at Prof. Jones during the relevant timeframe but we do not have any recorded information that identifies exactly what Prof. Jones was referring to in his statement quoted in the Telegraph of 7 February 2010.
My conclusion: Prof Jones's claim to have received more death threats was simply the UEA attempting to play the "Poor Phil" card again.

Apr 3, 2013 at 8:54 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

- My point are 1. Material World is the last BBC Science prog doing a good job .all the rest appear to be activist led :
Quentin Cooper runs a good ship, but they recently announced they are removing him as presenter ..provoking the thought that they want a more activist line.
2. That the meme of DEATH THREATS is an extremely serious thing.. it would have a striking impression to the innocent listener .. and we should not stand for it, unless they are substantiated. So far uptill now though such stories regularly appear in activist blogs .. BUT when you get right to the bottom they appear to be very hollow so Rapley is JUST SMEARING rather that helping science.

: my own notes FROM 2 YEARS AGO
- Really regular climate scientists are looking under their cars for bombs ?
Does that sound real ?
Don't you think you'd have heard from the big media ?
- Apply the "does it sound too bad/good to be true" rule ? Yep too bad to be true
- when I did a fact check on that story there was no evidence of a large problem.
(It's a collection of a set stories from over past 3 years, no death threats recently. If it was serious you'd have thought there would have been lots of ongoing police investigation, but I only found reference to an FBI investigation of 2 cases in 2009 listed on Wikipedia, but that sinks without trace.)

- Around that time I only found 2 credible stories :
1. A video of a public meeting : the death threat being some one trying to hand a noose to the speaker.
and Rather than straight anti-alarmist protestors they appear to be some kind of some of cranks more concerned that he's "An agent of the British Royal Empire"
2. "Top Climate Scientist tells of death threats", this refers to a interview for a Norwegian magazine by Rajendra Pachauri the head of the IPCC (who is NOT actually a Climate Scientist)
"The head of the UN climate panel says that he has received and is still receiving death threats.
- I'd rather not talk about it. But yes, there are people who can be extreme in the debate on climate change, said Rajendra Pachauri, the Technical Review. Google translate

- This is quoted on a RealClimate page which still quotes all the other "death threats" and failed to update when later they proved to be hollow & unsubstantiated..

Apr 3, 2013 at 9:16 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

Andrew Bolt shows what a death threat looks like : here
-it was in a series of tweets from an Australian Green party candidate to him in May 2012

Apr 3, 2013 at 10:22 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

- Climate Change to double Turbulance ..headlines
As I said it is the only BBC science prog not to regularly feature the climate scare story of the week maybe due to the presenter Quentin Cooper (praised here on Bishophill for questioning biofuels etc.) .
- He was off this week so they allowed the report of a forthcoming report which is following the fashion of being trumpeted all over the inncocent/activist media prerelease with a misleading hyping headline Climate Change to double Turbulance : Paul D. Williams & Manoj M. Joshi Nature Climate Change (2013)
..where is the rebuttal ?
..oh it's in the flippin REAL title
"Intensification of winter transatlantic aviation turbulence in response to climate change" says only WINTER only TRANSATLANTIC
..what about for the rest of the world ? it might half ? ..oh and the study is based on "Climate Modelling"
- is this prog Paul Williams enthusiastically showed his activist certainty unchallenged !
still it's not yet rebutted on BH or WUWT

Apr 12, 2013 at 2:51 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen