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Peter Foster on morality, evolution and me

The text of Peter Foster's talk at the House of Lords yesterday has been published by the GWPF and it's a fascinating read, taking in subjects as diverse as evolutionary psychology, economics (particularly of the DIY kind), Climategate, and the books of AW Montford.

It can be seen here.


Seth Roberts on HTD

Seth Roberts has written a review of Hiding the Decline at his blog:

Hiding the Decline is as well-written as a book by a professional writer but this is a book no professional science writer could write due to its investment in an officially-wrong point of view. There are lots of badly-written books from tiny-minority points of view. The appearance of a well-written one, joining Montford’s earlier The Hockey Stick Illusion, is no small deal. How much free speech do we have? It depends on the medium. Maybe the sequence from less to more censored is: 1. Conversation. 2. Email and other private writing. 3. Blog post. 4. Poorly-written book. 5. Article in minor magazine. 6. Well-written book. 7. Article in prestigious magazine. 8. Textbook. From one step to the next (e.g., from conversation to email), views become less diverse. This book is disagreement with the official line high up the tree.



Hilary Ostrov writes about Hiding the Decline at her blog.

Like its predecessor, I’m finding that HTD is definitely a page-turner; and while I do have a few quibbles (mostly of the techno-virtual kind and on which I shall elaborate in a future post – when I’ve completed my reading), I would urge all who haven’t done so to buy your copy now!

She also discusses a little unpleasantness with Bob Ward.

Read the whole thing.


Hiding the Decline available in USA

Hiding the Decline is now available Stateside, from the Createspace store. It should turn up on Amazon soon, but it's better for me if you buy from Createspace - the margins to me are much better.


Subscriber orders

If you are a BH subscriber who is awaiting a shipment of Hiding the Decline I apologise for the delay. I inadvertently missed some orders at the end of last month. They went in the post tonight and should be with you soon.


Hiding the Decline

You may have thought that you had heard everything there is to know about Climategate, but in fact there are still details of what happened that have yet to be aired.

For example, did you know that UEA were investigated by the police under suspicion of perverting the course of justice?

Or that Lord Oxburgh quietly changed his evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, introducing a falsehood into the official record?

It's all in Hiding the Decline, my definitive history of the Climategate affair, which is now on sale here.



Buying the book

I'm still tied up with other things, but wanted to respond to some of the questions on Hiding The Decline. I'm self-publishing this one, so I'm doing a print run for the initial hard copy orders. The books are due from the printer next week, so I hope to have them on sale soon after that. Kindle and Epub versions are ready to go and will be available direct at the same time.

Once I'm ready to go with the direct sales, I'll put the book up on Amazon via Createspace for those who don't want to purchase direct (there are lots of people who don't want to use Paypal for example). I'm keen to get as many people as possible purchasing direct though.

In the meantime, I hope you are being kept supplied with interesting things to discuss in my absence.

[Book title corrected 15.10.13, 1.57 pm. TM]


Coming soon...