A retwardian precis
Feb 26, 2016
Bishop Hill in Climate: Ward, GWPF

At the Royal Society on Tuesday night there was a meeting about the Paris climate agreement. It was chaired by Lord Stern. During the Q&A session afterwards, Benny Peiser asked a question as follows:

Given that the Paris deal isn't legally binding and given that the Republicans have repeatedly declared that they are not bound by the Obama administration's pledges, what would happen to the Paris deal if a Republican candidate were to win the Presidential elections?

Bob Ward decided to precis this in a tweet:


Benny Peiser @royalsociety event reveals @thegwpfcom is pinning its hopes on @realDonaldTrump becoming President to scupper #ParisAgreement

— Bob Ward (@ret_ward) February 23, 2016


...an extraordinary statement for a normal human being but not, alas, for our Bob, a point made quite forcefully a few moments later:


@EcoSenseNow @royalsociety @realDonaldTrump of course not. @ret_ward is a notorious liar.

— GWPF (@thegwpfcom) February 26, 2016


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