Tribunal Dates
Feb 25, 2016
David Holland in FOI, Met Office

This is a guest post by David Holland

BH readers may recall that I reported here that Tom Osborn had jumped the gun at CLB suggesting that I had not appealed the First Tier Tribunal decision to uphold the Met Office refusal to disclose the AR4 ZODs.

On Monday afternoon, 29 February if any BH readers are in London with nothing better to do they might look in at Field House, 15 Breams Building, EC4A 1DZ, before 2 pm to hear my oral request to the Upper Tribunal that it grant me permission to appeal.  I might also mention that my appeal to the Upper Tribunal on the University of Cambridge refusal to disclose Peter Wadhams RE report is also listed to be heard at Field House at 10:30 am on 15 April.




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