Will fusion kill the climate debate?
Feb 15, 2016
Bishop Hill in Energy: nuclear

I keep a weather eye on developments in the nuclear fusion field, although always with an eye to the oft-levelled criticism that practical fusion is just 30 years away and always has been. 

But last week I did start to get a bit more excited when I learned that the Chinese have managed to contain hydrogen plasma at  50 million degrees C for nearly two minutes. The shift from fractions of a second to minutes seems, to me at least, to bring about a change in perception. We are dealing with an engineering problem rather than a science problem.

Windfarms are already redundant - they have never been anything else - but perhaps they are going to be joined on the scrapheap by oil and gas much sooner than we thought.

Although of course we'll still have to deal with the green protests first.

Update on Feb 15, 2016 by Registered CommenterBishop Hill

In related news, the Chinese have a commercial-sized pebble-bed fission reactor ready to switch on next year.

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