It pays not to be green
Jan 28, 2016
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament

The latest opinion polls seem to show that greenery is slipping right off the political agenda. In fact there may even be a correlation between the direction of a party's poll ratings movement and the strength of its eco-urge.

The Greens and the LibDems are going hand-in-hand over the precipice, while Labour is hanging on by its fingertips. Meanwhile uber-baddies UKIP are on the up, as are the Conservatives, now that they are stepping back from the ecobrink.

Westminster voting intention: CON: 40% (+2) LAB: 31% (-) UKIP: 11% (+2) LDEM: 7% (-2) GRN: 4% (-2) (via Ipsos-Mori / 23 - 25 Jan)

— Britain Elects (@britainelects) January 28, 2016

Watch and enjoy.

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