The ever-changing story of Stern
Aug 27, 2015
Bishop Hill in Economics

Lord Stern ponders what positions he might adopt after lunchLord Stern has mounted his high horse, ready to slay the dragon of opposition to anything he deems a good idea at the time.

The problem is that Lord Stern's views seem fluid to say the least. Back in 2009 he was telling the world that rich nations would have to forgo growth in order to stop climate change.

Now he is telling us that portraying economic growth and climate change action as being in conflict is "diversionary" and a "misunderstanding of economic development".

The question readers want answered is "Does Lord Stern ever actually mean anything he says?".

(H/T Richard Tol)


Update on Aug 27, 2015 by Registered CommenterBishop Hill

Josh points out that the Guardian, rather hilariously, even has the evidence on the same page as Stern's new article!


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