Another view that must not be heard
Aug 25, 2015
Bishop Hill in BBC, Climate: WG3, Corruption

The BBC's Matt McGrath has been looking at a new report by a green think tank called the Stockholm Environment Institute. No surprise there - there is a general acceptance among BBC environment journalists that green think tanks are the ones that publish interesting stuff.

The report looks quite good, describing how many of the carbon credits awarded to Russia and Ukraine are actually fraudulent. This is, in itself, not surprising either - I made a similar point in the report I wrote for GWPF on the unintended consequences of climate policy.

I was intrigued by McGrath's choice of talking heads in his article. The report's authors aside, there was a Russian chap involved in the carbon trading industry who said that everything was within the rules and someone from the Carbon Trust, a body that pushes carbon trading in the UK, who said that the rules needed tightening up.

There was not a squeak from anyone who took the view, as I do, that carbon trading is a stupid idea and inherently linked to corruption and graft. Mine is just another of the political, economic and philosophical views that the BBC manages to ignore.

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