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Jun 9, 2013
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A slightly different cartoon today as it is a parody of a lovely illustration by artist Steve Brodner for an article in This American Life The American Prospect (see update below). The article is wide of the mark and Anthony, who feature's in Steve's image, and I decided to create something that expressed another view point. You can read Anthony's post here and Steve's own blog post about the original article here.

Here is Steve's illustration:

And here is the title panel:

Here is our riposte:


Click any of the images to enlarge.

My huge thanks to Anthony who provided essential feedback and ideas over the weekend to get the cartoon right. Anthony also provided some references, see below. (Update: He also spotted a typo in the panel, that and the URL now fixed)

Lastly, I have already had some interest in producing a poster, so let me know if there are any other takers.

Cartoons by Josh

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Update on Jun 10, 2013 by Registered CommenterJosh

Over on WUWT Ric Werne's comments that Steve Broder's illsutration was not for 'This American Life' (a radio station):

"Brodner’s cartoon was done in hopes of getting it published at THE AMERICAN PROSPECT. The cartoon exists at Brodner’s blog and various skeptical site who are having fun with it, I don’t see it at yet."

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