Snowdon now and then
Mar 30, 2013
Bishop Hill in Climate: Surface

BBC News, December 2004

The data collected by experts from the university [of Bangor] suggests that a white Christmas on Snowdon - the tallest mountain in England and Wales - may one day become no more than a memory.

The figures indicated that this winter Snowdon is on track to have less snow than any of the last 10 years.

The results appear to back the growing body of evidence to support climate change.

BBC News, March 2013

Snowdon Mountain Railway will be shut over the Easter weekend after it was hit by 30ft (9.1m) snow drifts.

Workers using two excavators tried but failed to clear the 4.7 mile (7.5km) track.

The railway resumed operations from Llanberis last week after the winter break but they were suspended within days after heavy snow on the mountain.

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