Making science public
Mar 26, 2013
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Paul Matthews posted this on unthreaded. I thought it worth flagging up for readers:

The videos from the Nottingham event "Making Science Public" have now been posted on the web.

People might be interested in video 8, a short talk by Warren Pearce on climate communication and scepticism followed by comments. Warren raised the issue of Climategate and also said that recent cold weather could be a significant factor. There's a fairly long comment in video 9 from an audience member (Steve Rayner, Oxford) who mentions two other factors, the economic downturn and 'catastrophe fatigue'.

I was there lurking but kept my mouth shut.

There's also an interesting discusion in video 11 starting at around 9:30 where Mike Hulme talks about climategate and tries to claim, supported by social science literature, that the behaviour of climate scientists was all entirely standard scientific procedure. Then at 20:20 physicist Phil Moriarty speaks out about Climategate:

"For many of us what happened in Climategate, particularly the idea that you protect data .. was absolute anathema...many of us were shocked about what happened...journals stipulate that authors should provide to interested parties the raw data .. "

After that there's a stunned silence and the camera sweeps past Hulme looking a bit sheepish.

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