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Feb 28, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: Cuttings

I'm still suffering, although the medicine is starting to kick in. In the meantime, here are a couple more links to keep you all going.

Ben Pile has a really good summary of the Fakegate affair up at Spiked.

The myth of the climate change denier exists in the heads of environmentalists, and seems to prevent them entering into conversation with anyone that dares to criticise environmentalism. The crusade of ‘communicating’ climate change is not a project that involves an exchange of views. To criticise environmentalism is to ‘deny The Science’, no matter how incoherent the environmentalist’s grasp of science or how lacking his or her sense of proportion.

Sometimes you wonder if GuardianEco is taking the mickey. Look at Damian Carrington's article about what he calls "fossil fuel subsidies". He is actually referring to the 5% lower VAT rate for energy. Having called this a fossil fuel subsidy, he goes on to note that it applies to energy from "renewables" too, and then seems to attempt a justification by noting that most of the energy supply comes from fossil fuels.

The Justice Committee today heard from the universities on the subject of FOI. Audio is here.

Judith Curry's take on Lindzen's talk at Westminster last week is here. I liked this quote of Lindzen's

Unfortunately, denial of the facts on the left, has made the public presentation of the science by those promoting alarm much easier. They merely have to defend the trivially true points on the left; declare that it is only a matter of well- known physics; and relegate the real basis for alarm to a peripheral footnote – even as they slyly acknowledge that this basis is subject to great uncertainty.

Climate Realists has the videos of the talk.

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