Behind the lines
Feb 22, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: MetOffice

Just a short note written from the Met Office library, where I'm going to spend an hour before heading back home. The day has gone extremely well, with some really interesting exchanges of views, some of which were quite unexpected.

My talk was probably pitched at a level that was a bit too general and not science-y enough, but as ever with these things it was the Q&A that was the most interesting anyway. Richard Betts had invited Martin Juckes to attend and Juckes was the source of several probing questions. (Long-term readers at Climate Audit may remember him as having a long exchange with McIntyre back in 2007 or thereabouts). This led onto an interesting discussion of uncertainty bands and inverse regression. Peter Stott also wanted to take me to task over some of the things I said, and there was a frank, but not unfriendly exchange there too.

It was great to meet Richard and (briefly) Tamsin. Although unfortunately we had less time for informal chats than I would have liked.

Thanks are certainly due to Vicky Pope and Richard for their hospitality. It was a productive and, I think, a very useful day.

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